Fun Hearthstone Wombo Combos Using Rare Or Less Cards

TeamOverpowered 2018-07-22

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I have played far too much Hearthstone already and it’s not even fully released yet. It is open beta which could be as good as release for Blizzard. When playing Hearthstone I don’t think I get more joy than when I Wombo Combo my unsuspecting opponent, there is something about slamming down 12+ damage which just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Not so much fun on the recieving end though.

To help you guys get the warm fuzzy feeling I have created a list of Wombo Combos that I will expand over time. Check them out and see what you think.

gurubashiGurubashi Berserker + 2 x Inner Rage
Damage: 12
Mana: 5
Cost: 3 Cards

frothingFrothing Beserker + 2 x Whirlwind
Damage: Min 4 – Max 26
Mana: 5
Cost: 3 Cards + 1 Health per minion

lightspawnLightspawn + 2 x Divine Spirit
Damage: 20
Mana: 8
Cost: 3 Cards

rocketeerWindfury + Reckless Rocketeer
Damage: 12 (Charge)
Mana: 7
Cost: 2 Cards

doomguardDoomguard + 2 x Power Overwhelming
Damage: 13 (Charge)
Mana: 7
Cost: 5 Cards

flame-impFlame Imp + 2 x Power Overwhelming
Damage: 11
Mana: 3
Cost: 3 Cards + 3 Health

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