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This guide contains some of the most useful and relevant advice if your looking to become awesome at PvP or get ideas for a new class you are starting. I will show you some of the best skills to use together, some of the best armour and stats to acquire, along with some sneaky tricks to get ahead in PvP/WvW. If you are looking for a more generic Guild wars 2 guide, then have a look at our GW2 beginners guide.


Players Versus Player

If you know how to succeed in player versus player then you will be able to conquer Guild Wars 2. First off in PvP you need to get yourself into a great head space. “I am going to win and I am going to destroy any one who opposes me”. Wow strong stuff! If the other guy is thinking this, then how are you ever going to win? So think it.

Remember the Objective

In most of the PvP stages in Guild Wars 2 you will be competing for overall team points. This is key to remember, if you lose site of your objective and a whole hoard of you are out killing one guy in some forest, you will be losing the game.

Test Your Skill Sets

In GW2 you have skills that you can swap in and out, you need to test these. Although we provide you with some great ones below, you need to become comfortable with all of your skills and how to make the most of them.

Merciful? No Way!

If you attack an enemy and he enters a downed state, don’t leave them, they can still attack you and do some pretty scary damage for someone dying on the floor. Use F to finish them (interestingly you just smash them in the face with a flag…).

Continually Keep Your Knowledge Updated

As with any game, as soon as you lose touch with all the information, you start to realise you are losing more and more. Keeping up to date with all the patch notes and changes is crucial so keep them bookmarked. You will find the game update notes here.

Be The Strongest Class

This is for those people who just want to win and having fun is no longer their goal. Play the strongest class and if they get nerfed, switch across to the next strongest class. This may sound ridiculous but if people are playing a class which is slightly overpowered then how are you ever going to compete? You can still destroy them with the right skills and win win attitude, but they have an unfair advantage, so why not even the score.

PvP Armor & Weapons

Armor and weapons is difficult, because if you search the internet for good advice then you will come up against a whole chunk of cosmetic armor sites, luckily we got you covered. If you are entering tournaments, then keep doing it, as this is where you will get hold of some of the best gear. Free tournaments are the key, this is where you can get some great cheap armor.


Light Armor

If you are a light armor wearer then the rewards you will recieve from PvP are the following armor sets Rubric, Seer, Armageddon and Wizard. If you can get hold of these then you are in good shape.

Medium Armor

For medium armor you will have a choice of Stalwart, Leather, Rugged and Mist Walker. You want to try and get hold of one of these sets, but you need to have a good armor set to start competing, especially for medium and heavy armor classes, so be careful and good luck.

Heavy Armor

Now heavy armor classes might find it more difficult to obtain these armor sets without some fairly decent armor to begin with. The PvP reward armor sets for heavy classes are Worn Scale, Pit Fighter, Heavy Armageddon and Heavy Plate.

PvP Weapons

Currently the weapons for PvP rewards we know about is the Priory, the Vigil and the Whisperer. We believe there is more and will get onto finding them out as quickly as possible. Want to give us a hand? Leave us a comment below.

Specific Class Advice

guildwars-2-build-editorWe are going to be using a website which allows us to generate builds (and without insane advertising requirements), it is – try it out, it’s awesome. Also this website allows you to create quick links to builds as you can see below, so if you have any builds you would like to show us then use and send us in your builds. Have a look at the image to the right to see what we the build editor looks like.

Elementalist PvP Builds

The Elementalist has some great abilities and a lot of them. Here are some great builds for you to try in GuildWars 2.

Warrior PvP Builds

Being strong and stoutworthy is the name of the game with the warrior, along with some unexpected strong range abilities.

Guardian PvP Builds

The Guardian is potentially one of the strongest classes in the game at the moment, purely due to their survivability.

Engineer PvP Builds

The Engineer can be a difficult beast to master, but there is one build which a lot of people are leaning towards and that is the grenade build.

Ranger PvP Builds

Rangers are a great class, they can support and do crazy damage with certain builds, check them out below.

Necromancer PvP Builds

The Necromancer is a strong class, but sometimes they can feel a little wierd (compared to what we are used to in MMO’s), this is probably a good thing.

Thief PvP Builds

The Thief has a few options when looking at builds, probably the most reliable would be stacking bleeds, especially if you have a Necromancer friend who can ramp up the heat with spreading bleeds.

Mesmer PvP Builds

The Mesmer is personally my favourite class at the moment. You can stay out of trouble a lot compared to other classes, try the first build to see what I mean.

That’s all for the current builds we have for PvP, if you would like to share any others then please send them into us either @team_o_p on twitter.

Final Thoughts On PvP

PvP is great fun and in my opinion one of the most challenging aspects of any game. One way to get ahead in PvP is to form a small group of friends who all player together, this way you can synergise your abilities and really make the most of your classes. Some classes are great support characters, but it’s no fun if you haven’t always got some one to support.

If you are struggling with a certain build or a type of play then leave a message on facebook or twitter.

TeamOP Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide Video

This was created way back when Guild Wars 2 was released (seems like a long time now). I Hope you enjoy it, it is a basic guide on the interface and how to start playing Guild Wars 2.

As always leave your comments below.

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