Hearthstone: How To Kill Emperor Thaurissan on Heroic

TeamOverpowered 2018-07-22

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This final boss did require quite a bit of luck, but it’s doable with this deck and in particular one of two cards. This boss was really fun and definately worth while attempting a few times to get the idea of the fight.

Take a look at the guide and the boss tactics below, this should stand you in good shape for dealing with this boss, even if you need to make a few tweaks of your own.



The Boss

Emperor Thaurissan starts with 30 Health and 15 armour. His heroic ability kills you for only 2 mana, but it can only be cast if his wife dies. So naturally keeping his wife alive is very important. The other tricky part is that his wife is 3/1, so she is incredibly fragile and puts a lot of damage down on you early. She will also attack taunt creatures, so we have to stay away from any taunts as she could easily get killed with only one health.

He also summons Unstable Ghoul, which if killed deals 1 damage to all minions, killing his wife and he summons Abomination, dealing 2 damage to ALL characters, which again kills his wife allowing him to use his hero power and kill you.

The Deck

This time we have gone for a priest deck, we can use the priest to buff his wife and heal her if she falls low.

Keeping his wife alive is the first priority, so we have two cards to make this easier, the best one is the crazed alchemist which switches her from a 3/1 to a 1/3, making her fairly useless and more durable. The other card is Power Word Shield, drawing us a card and giving her +2 health early on.

We also have light wells and some healing from Farseer, we need these because we can’t use taunts so almost all damage gets through to us.


You want to mulligan hard for Crazed Alchemist, this fight is a lot easier if you can get him early and switch his wife’s health, that is the best case scenario. A less effective strategy is to buff her with Power Word Shield, so that she does not die from Unstable Ghoul or Abomination. Worst case scenario is that you have to use Divine Spirit to make sure she doesn’t die.


The big finishers in this deck come from Summoning a Lightwarden from Light of the Naaru and then continuing to heal with your hero power, Circle of Healing and Lightwell. Velen’s chosen also helps you buff up your Lightwarden, Azure Drakes and Injured Blademasters to control the board and lay down some damage.


On heroic you won’t recieve any rewards until you have completed all of Blackrock Mountain heroic, then you will recieve a card back.

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