Hearthstone: How To Kill The Dark Iron Arena on Heroic

TeamOverpowered 2018-07-22

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The second boss of the new solo adventure, Black Rock Mountain, is The Dark Iron Arena. This boss can prove a little trickier than the first one as it’s very random.

Scroll down for the guide on killing this boss once and for good (well not quite).



The Boss

The Dark Iron Arena starts with 30 Health and 15 armour. He also has a 1 mana cost heroic ability which summons a 1/1 with taunt. Along with the taunts that can be summoned he will also summon random legendaries from (what I believe) is any legendary currently in the game. The difficulty with this boss is dealing with how random the legendaries are, but with a bit of luck you can turn this to your advantage.

The Deck

To beat this I used another mage deck, it heavily relies on taking advantage of when Milhouse Manastorm is played and rifling through your spells as much as possible to control the board and eventually win.

A couple of key cards in this deck are Duplicate to try and run out as many Sludge Belchers, but also to attempt to duplicate Ysera or Archmage Antonidas. If you can get either of these and taunt them up, then your set pretty good to win.

I found you take too much early damage from the likes of King Mukla to be able to get to the later game, so cards like mountain giant are really important. The key to victory is controlling the board with Blizzard, Frost Nova and Flamestrike. Don’t be worried about only Freezing a couple of minions.


You will want to mulligan for low drops and anything that can control the board or delay the game long enough for Milhouse Manastorm. Excellent cards to keep are Sunfury Protector, Ice Barrier and Ice Block – You will need to delay the game as much as possible.


The big finishers in this deck are Pyroblast, Archmage Antonidas and Ysera.


On heroic you won’t recieve any rewards until you have completed all of Blackrock Mountain heroic, then you will recieve a card back.

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