Hearthstone: How To Kill The Grim Guzzler on Heroic

TeamOverpowered 2018-07-22

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Hurray! Blackrock Mountain is here, Hearthstone’s second solo adventure. Week one has just been released and it’s awesome, go buy it now or watch someone else play it on twitch.tv. As with all these heroic bosses there is quite a large amount of luck required to kill them. The only one that proved particularly tedious was the Emperor Thaurissan.

Carry on reading for TeamOverpowered’s quick guide on dealing with the Grim Guzzler on heroic.



The Boss

Coren Direbrew starts with 30 Health and 15 armour. He also has a passive heroic ability which costs zero mana and is cast every single turn. This ability summons 2 random minions for him and 1 random minion for you from your deck.

The Deck

The idea of the deck is to get as many big stat based creatures onto the board for free, be careful not to overload on creatures though as they need to be able to trade well with creatures that the Grim Guzzler will put onto the board.

The best creatures to use are 8/8 giants, Ysera, Deathwing and Malygos. The reason you don’t want to overload on minions is that you still need to control the board early on, the best way to do this is from spells. Also if you have too many huge creatures you will find it difficult to play anything early on.


You want to mulligan away any big creatures as possible, having these put in play for free is the whole aim of this deck. Try to keep any secrets, frost spells and anything that will delay the game. Another good keep is Sunfury Protector to give your big minions taunt when they appear.


The minions should be able to do this on their own, but if your lucky Ysera and Ysera awakens is a great combo for finishing off the Grim Guzzler, along with duplicated Mountain Giants.


On heroic you won’t recieve any rewards until you have completed all of Blackrock Mountain heroic, then you will recieve a card back.

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