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I’ve been playing a lot of Battle for Azeroth recently and I’m loving it, as I do with most expansions. We now have follower missions from garrisons we can do at the mission table (on a ship for the alliance).

Note: You can also do this on the WoW Companion App that has been updated for Battle for Azeroth.

One thing I have noticed is that I tend to run out of War Resources when doing these missions. I looked into how to get them, gathered that information together and did some testing in game! Hopefully you find this useful.

World Quests

If you use an addon like World Quest Tracker you will see there are plenty of World Quests that give you war resources. If you go round and collect all of these you can net yourself 250 – 300 resources! Perfect, all while increasing your reputation.

War Mode Bonus

One thing to note is that you will get the 10% bonus on your war resources, see the images below. For a World Quest that should give me 50 resources, I get 55 an easy increase for making sure I don’t die from the opposite faction. Take a look at the Blizzard preview of War Mode for more information.

Treasure Chests

This one is a little bit hit and miss, but you can get War Resources from chests that are randomly placed around Kul Tiras and Zandalar. These net you a small amount of resources and aren’t worth focusing on. Although If you see any whilst you are doing your world quests then definitely grab them!

I’m not sure on the War Mode bonus for this one, but if you see that you get an increase let me know in the comments below!

Regular Quests

The final thing to keep your eye on is the WoWHead currency page found here. You will find which quests give you War Resources as a reward then you can head out and complete those quests for an additional one time bonus!

Warfront Quests

Recently the Warfronts have come to the live servers and I’ve noticed you can get a ton of War Resources from the quests (Yvera Dawnwing for Alliance). I went from about 100 war resources to over 900 resources within a very short space of time.

Definitely do your Warfront quests if you want to get a good chunk of resources.

World Bosses

The final way to get some really good War Resources is from the World Bosses that start to open up in World Quests. They have an epic color to them on the map. Find a group and do them to net a decent 300ish war resources!

The Fastest Way To Get War Resources?

Warfront quests were easily the fastest and biggest increase to my resources. I highly recommend jumping on with a friend and doing them. Make sure you also find a group to kill the World Quest bosses.

There are plenty of ways to gain War Resources and most of them look like they want you to be at war with the opposite faction! The fastest way is to get out and do World Quests, keep an eye out for chests and other quests you can do along the way. Effectively get out there into the world and get some resources for the war effort.

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