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With the launch of the new World of Warcraft expansion we see some changes in reputation and daily quests. Mists of Pandaria brings us a new way to look at reputation, no more grinding dungeons wearing your favourite tabard. To achieve reputation with each faction you must complete daily quests, with a few exceptions this is the primary way to gain reputation.

To make your life a little easier I have compiled a list of the main reputations and where you can find their main daily quest hubs. If I have left any out you would like to know about then leave a comment below and I will update this guide.

Note: currently you have to gain revered with the ‘Golden Lotus’ before you can begin ‘The Shado-Pan’ and ‘The August Celestials’ daily quests.

Golden Lotus Reputation

The Golden Lotus rep will let gain you some nice rewards along with allowing access to the Shado-Pan and August Celestial quest hubs. If you want to get started with the Golden Lotus dailies then you need to complete a quest chain which starts with a quest called “Temple Of The White Tiger”. Follow the quest chain and you will eventually arrive in the vale of eternal blossoms where you can begin the quests right in the very center of the area.

Klaxxi Reputation

The Klaxxi reputation is one of the more interesting reps to grind. Whilst getting hold of the reputation you will awaken paragons to help the Klaxxi. The Paragons also reward you with some nice buffs to help with your daily quests. Some of the rewards are nice and as usual you will want to check that you can make good use out of the armour and weapons they give you.

Shado-Pan Reputation

The Shado-Pan reside in Townlong Steppes, Shado-Pan Garrison. If you want to get started with this reputation then you will need to be revered with the Golden Lotus. There is a nice jewelcrafting trinket to get hold of for the Shado-Pan plus there is the Reins of the Shado-Pan Riding Tiger which is pretty sweet.


August Celestials

The reputation for August Celestials is based in each of the temples. If you want to increase your reputation then you will need to first get revered with the Golden Lotus and then head to each of the celestials (Niuzao, Chi-Ji, Xuen, Yu’lon) residing in various places: Niuzao Temple, Temple Of The Jade Serpent, Temple Of The White Tiger and Cradle of Chi-Ji. Check the map to the right to see where you need to head for each of the celestials. This reputation can be quite fun to do, but like the Shado-Pan it does take a long time due to the requirement of The Golden Lotus first.

Order Of The Cloud Serpent Reputation

The Order Of The Cloud Serpent faction will reward you with, funnily enough a Cloud Serpent. This is the rep to do if you want to get hold of a cool new MoP mount. The reputation is fairly slow, you need to complete dailies as often as possible (preferably daily?!?) to see the rep bar move at all. One of the great things about this rep is that you have an instanced Cloud Serpent you like after.

Tillers Reputation

The Tillers reputation is great for wannabe farmers and cooks. If you like the idea of having your very own instanced farm then this is the perfect reputation for you. Head on over to halfhill market in Valley of the Four winds to get started. Be on the look out for a quest to the left of halfhill market, there is a small lost dog you can obtain once you are a bit into revered. The lost dog then sits happily next to Yoon in your farm.

The Anglers Reputation

The Anglers reputation pretty much says what it is for in the name, it is primarily for fishing. The great thing about the dailies is that they give you an extra point in fishing, this is especially good considering fishing takes a decent amount of time just to get one point now. As with all the old fishing reputations/dailies and fishing in general there is sure to be some funny and interesting rewards, good luck!

The Lorewalkers Reputation

The Lorewalkers feels like a reputation to do because you want to get another exalted reputation or because you want to get hold of the Cloud mount. It is a very quick reputation to get exalted but the rewards are extremely limited. Enjoy doing this reputation, it shouldn’t take long. To gain reputation with the lorewalkers you need to complete various activities, like achievements, exploration and finding random relics that lie around Pandaria.

Reputation now rewards people who can consistently play every day as opposed to the player who can only get online on weekends or evenings.

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