Guild Wars 2 Beginners Gameplay Guide

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What Is Guild Wars 2?

In Guild Wars 2 you create and level a hero. This hero can explore the whole world of Tyria along with other players in the game. Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role playing game. You will need to purchase the game, but there is no monthly fees. There is some premium content but you do not require this to play the game, it is mainly cosmetic upgrades.

The TeamOP Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide Video

If you want to get started with Guild Wars 2 then head on over to the Guild Wars 2 website. Also for tips on PVP, make sure to checkout our Guild Wars 2 PVP guide.

Guild Wars 2 Beginner Tips

The first thing to be aware of is the mini map down the bottom right, this will guide you in your journey and will help you to get to the next goal or story quest. You will also need to be aware that to the top right you have your objectives panel, this will show you what you need to do next or where you need to head. To the top left is the menu, the most important is probably your ‘Hero Info’. Inside the Hero Info panel you can equip items, apply skill points and traits. Make sure you look through each ability before buying them, some abilities are a lot more helpful than others.

Your Guild Wars 2 Hero

Your hero is the whole reason for playing Guild Wars 2, it will level up, make friends, join in on world events and maybe even join a guild. At the bottom centre of the screen you will find your main ability bar and health. This is where most of your attention will be focused, along with the main screen of course. Certain classes will have different sections down the bottom, for example the Mesmer has three dots to signal how many illusions they currently have active. The Guardian has a row of boons they can cast to help them fight enemies.



The Asura are a tiny and very intelligent race. At the beginning of their story you are thrust into chaos as golems have been tampered with causing them to attack the Asura. If you are looking for an interesting story along with a slice of humour then I can recommend the Asura.


The Charr are a large, strong race that fight with honour. In starting a Charr race you will select a legion to belong to. The legion you select will guide your story and create a sense of loyalty for your specific legion.


The Human race has a strong spirit and is a good general race for you to play if you are not sure what to select. The thing most people like about playing a Human is that they can make them look like themselves.


The Norn race is a great race if you like fighting and ale. I would try and expand upon the Norn race but there is not a huge amount to expand upon, want to smash some skulls and drink ale? Pick a Norn.


The Sylvari story is probably one of the most exciting. You will start off by helping a fellow Sylvari and trying to rescue their loved one. I would recommend the Sylvari if you get heavily into the story of games.



The Elementalist is your standard mage, using the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water they bring down destruction upon their enemies. The Elementalist wears light armour.


The Warrior is a great character if you want to deal heavy melee damage and have some fun with a bow. The Warrior wears heavy armour.


The Guardian is a character with a lot of utility and protection, although all classes can heal, tank and deal damage the guardian feels like more of a protector than other classes. The Guardian wears heavy armour.


The Engineer is great fun, you can launch some awesome shots from your rifle or dual wield pistols. Once you get to a certain level you can also setup turrets to aid your allies or damage your enemies. The Engineer wears medium armour.


The Ranger can get a pet fairly early. This alone will make it a popular class as many people enjoy having a pet. Along with their pet the ranger deals damage from range with the use of a bow, this is where they are at their most affective. The Ranger wears medium armour.


The Necromancer uses the dark arts to deal damage and hinder the enemy. They can also summon the dead to fight for them and attack their enemies. Necromancers also draw life force which can deal damage or heal them. The Necromancer wears light armour.


The Thief is a very quick melee class. Some of their abilities cause a huge amount of damage whilst leaping to their target. Thieves will utilise stealth and trickery to unleash a lot of damage within a short amount of time. The Thief wears medium armour.


The Mesmer is a mesmerising class… The Mesmer creates mirages and phantasms to attack the enemy. You can stack up on illusions (mirages and phantasms) and then send them to the enemy to confuse and cause damage to the enemy. The Mesmer wears light armour.

Words You Might Hear


Waypoints are located all across the map. You can press ‘M’ and teleport to waypoints that you have found on your travels. To complete an area you will need to go round and find each of the waypoints.


Vistas are places in the game which you need to get to and use. Sometimes they can be tricky and very frustrating to get to. When you visit a Vista you get a cool little in game cut scene showing you the surrounding area.

Points Of Interest

Points of Interest are places on the map which you might want to visit, these places will gain you experience by visiting them.

Boons / Conditions

Boons and Conditions are effects which apply themselves to your character. Boons grant a positive effect to your character and help you. Conditions will apply a negative effect to your character and can cause damage or slow you down for example.

Black Lion Trading Company

The Black Lion Trading Company is effectively a massive shop for everything, you can spend gems and gold here. You can also post up items for other players to purchase from you.

World Versus World (WvW)

WvW is a large battle that never ends, you join the battle by going to the top left menu. Once inside the battle you will have your stats boosted to put you on a level playing field with the enemy. Try to capture key points and assist your allies as much as possible. You can gain XP by participating in WvW. You may also hear people refer to it as WvWvW as three worlds are all competing together.

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