Sims 4 Jungle Adventure – Exploring The Mysteries Of The Jungle!

TeamOverpowered 2020-01-29

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The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure has launched and you can find the release post for it here. The new adventure looks exciting and mysterious, but maybe a little too mysterious for some Sims 4 fans. Don’t worry though, TeamOverpowered is here to demystify the Jungle! This is a quick start guide to help you get started with the new adventure and hopefully remove some of the frustrations without spoiling too much of the content (although there are some spoilers below, be warned!).

How to get to the Jungle!

To get to the jungle you first need to go on vacation and select Selvadorada, and fly there, exciting times await!

Have Plenty Of Supplies

Now that you are in the jungle, it’s a good time to note that buying as many supplies as possible is probably a good thing for exploring. Generally speaking anything sold at the local market is good to purchase, machete, bottle of water, repellent, antidotes and so on. These will help a lot when you are out and about.

Belomisia Trailhead (National Park)

The first thing we managed to do was investigate the Belomisia Trailhead national park. To get to here just select the Belomisia Trailhead and select travel (it’s located down the bottom left of the overview map).

When exploring the jungle the key is to always be prepared you cannot venture out into the jungle without supplies! To continue exploring we had to have the following items:

  • Buy a machete from the market (You might want a few of these, they can get lost!)
  • Buy a bottle of water from the market

You will need to cut through some vines to access parts of the area.

Inside The Temple!

Once you find the temple by exploring the jungle you can then do a few more activities. We tried to do a couple but failed at most of them, oops!


We did a little excavation and found some very expense relics, which we assume are fair game to sell rather than notifying the locals.

Examining Totems

Another thing you can do is examine/analyse totems and then attempt to activate them (usually unsuccessfully in my case). Being handy helps with this!

Adventure Puzzles!

As with most adventures there are puzzles that need to be completed to access more areas of the temple, I won’t go into detail here as they are most of the fun, but here is a sneak peek of one we found (and yes our Sim was super unhappy as we we’re not prepared at all for jungle life).

Useful Advice

Some things you may need advice on stat, check out the list of general advice below which hopefully should help you on your journey.

How To Cure Poison

Sometimes during the adventure you can become poisoned, but luckily there is an antidote! You can go on any computer to purchase the antidote and it arrives pretty quick too. Another option is you can get bone dust from deep inside a temple and get a local to make the poison for you, saving $1,000 simoleons.

Unlocked Areas

After unlocking certain areas you can quickly get back there, they won’t become locked again

The Official Launch Trailer

If you haven’t already, you should checkout the launch trailer, it’s awesome and you can watch it below.

I hope that helps anyone looking to get the most out of the jungle, if you would like to know anything else, then just leave your comments below. Also, don’t forget to checkout our sims 4 downloads section!

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