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pMauz is not your typical girl, she's been playing games for almost as long as she's been walking. "Gaming is a huge part of my life and will be till the day I die." Her favorite games include, World of Warcraft, Guildwars 2, The Sims3 and League of Legends.

Mists Of Pandaria Launch Event 22:30 September 24th 2012!...

Look out guys Mists of Pandaria is nearly upon us! Launch events will be springing up all over the world on the evening of September 24th and some of us will be lucky enough to make it to one and join in the fun! If like me though you are one of the unfortunate souls who actually has to work for a living (how dare work come in between me and my favourite MMO) then Blizzard have been kind...

World of Warcraft Published by on 20-09-2012