WoW: Battle For Azeroth: How To Get 7th Legion Reputation

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Reputation has been a key part of World of Warcraft for a while now (especially since the Mists of Pandaria Dailies) and gaining it is usually relatively easy, but we’ve got some good tips for you if you are finding it hard to increase your 7th legion reputation.

Unlocking World Quests

The first step is to know how to unlock world quests. I have listed the requirements below, but if you make sure you do all your footholds as you level up, it should be pretty simple to check off the list.

  • Reach level 120
  • Unlock all three Footholds
  • Reach friendly with three major BFA factions (Kul Tiras/Zandalar)

World Quests

This is the primary way to gain your 7th legion reputation. The reputation is earned from Zandalar, so the first step is head to Wind’s Redemption (large boat) in Boralus near the Ferry in Tradewinds Market.  The footholds can be visited at the back of the boat.

The majority of the quests will be for 7th legion reputation, but if you are unsure, hover over the world quest marker and just underneath the title is what the quest will be for.

Mission Table

The other great way to get 7th legion reputation is with the missions table. This is also on the large boat in Boralus (Wind’s Redemption). The missions that give you 7th legion rep will have the alliance lion on it. See the images below for an example. You will need War Resources to complete these quests, so don’t forget to check out our War Resources Guide for a few tips and tricks.

If you really want to power up that reputation, say for example to get the dark iron dwarves, then try and hit 200% to guarantee that bonus!

This was a short little guide to help you on your way to exalted with the 7th legion. Once you get the process down it’s just a case of grinding out those World Quests in Zandalar.

Good luck and if you have any additional tips leave them in the comments below!

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